Good Governance Practices & Procedures

Investors, insurers, regulators, and creditors demand board of directors that produce good corporate governance and minimize the risks that poor governance engenders. A plethora of legal and regulatory requirements has also challenged CEOs, boards, and corporate staffs to implement new structures, procedures, and practices. As expectations and requirements change, relationships among those with governance responsibilities are changing rapidly, too.

Masters-Rudnick helps design and implement board structures and practices that enable boards to act effectively in a collaborative, coherent, and efficient manner to create long-term value for the company, its shareholders, and its many constituencies.

We provide:

  • Board and committee organizational and structuring assistance
  • Improved board structures and practices tailored to the particular needs of the company
  • More efficient organization of board and governance administrative matters (information flows, corporate secretarys office, codes of ethics, to name only a few.

The result: a board and committees organized and functioning effectively to realize the organizations long-term strategy.

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