About Us

We believe in people and that a key to effective corporate governance is understanding the human dynamics – as much as the regulatory requirements and processes – that underpin it.

Having served on all sides of the governance table – as directors, senior corporate officers, corporate secretaries and general counsel – we understand the demands and challenges placed on directors, and we know that a cohesive board is better equipped to resolve complex issues and instill shareholder confidence.

Our business is working with clients to strengthen their boards and their governance practices– with no conflicts of interest or other services to promote – and we deliver every project ourselves.

We believe that building a better board requires:

  • Understanding and operating within mutually agreed boundaries with management – so that everyone is playing to their strengths and has the information they need.
  • Being able to alter strategy and tactics rapidly to respond to unexpected events – radically improving your opportunities for success.
  • Acting in a civil, collegial, and cohesive manner – promoting shareholders’ interests and contributing to long-term strategic goals.
  • Arriving at consensus when there are discordant issues that surface.