Our Associates

To provide a greater range of services to our clients, we work with selected Associates in areas related to corporate governance and board of director needs. Our Associates bring a wealth of experience to all clients whom they have assisted.

Richard C. Auletta

dauletta1Richard Auletta has gained a reputation as the person to call when an individual or company is facing a crisis. In his over 30 years in the profession, Dick has worked with clients in many different industries and has served as a senior communications counselor in some very high profile situations where clients have faced crises with the potential of impacting their company as well as their personal lives.

Dick has a proven track record of being a “problem-solver” and has shown a clear understanding regarding what he calls the “rules of engagement” with the media. His experience includes working with both public and privately owned companies, as well as with their Boards of Directors and directly with their CEO’s. Over the years, Dick has been chairman of the board of the Academy For Corporate Governance, Member of the Visiting Committee, Fordham University School of Business Administration, a member of the boards of Connecticut Hospice and The Glaucoma Foundation, as well as the Chairman of the Board of Call for Action, a nonprofit “action line” organization responding to consumers’ needs through a national network of radio and television stations.

Dick holds a degree in political science from Brooklyn College.

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