Representative Projects


  • For the new chair of a large-cap, public company with an international board, we helped assess the company’s governance practices and any concerns of the directors. The company has multi-national ties so, as part of the assessment, we compared the company’s governance practices against norms in the United States and certain European countries.
  • We worked with the board leadership of a major, national non-profit organization to better understand the governance issues it faced.  We did a major board effectiveness survey to ensure that the issues that concerned the directors were being addressed.
  • We assisted a large non-profit health care company concerned about its competitive profile to assess its governance practices. We performed an assessment of governance practices to determine whether the company met national best practice norms.
  • We helped a publicly traded, mid-cap health services corporation conduct its annual board and committee assessments. We used a technique that combined surveys, comments and a statistical analysis of results.


  • We assisted the new chair of a Fortune 300 corporation in making the board more cohesive and effective. The feedback from each director in the face-to-face , confidential interviews that we conducted provided the data that helped guide the re-organization on the board, and  increased board cohesion. Understanding dynamics among the directors formed an important part of this assignment.
  • We helped the trustees of a prominent university coalesce around long-range strategies.  To foster alignment of the board with the strategies we performed a developmental assessment in which we interviewed all members of the board, and then we conducted the board’s retreat at which the findings were discussed and focused into action items.


  • We worked with the board and the CEO of a publicly traded, financial services company to come to a mutual understanding as to the company’s strategy, and the respective roles of board and senior management in effecting that strategy.  Among the results was improved communication between CEO and the board.
  • We assisted the board and senior management of a privately held company which had recently emerged from a severe financial and reputational crisis to develop a common vision for the company, and a more effective relationship between board and the new CEO.  At the joint request of the chairman and the CEO, we interviewed directors as part of an effort to align senior management and the board as to long-range business goals and a strategy to achieve them.


  • We helped the audit committee of an NYSE-listed, energy company to understand current and prospective issues confronting audit committees.  In addition, we conduct the annual committee retreat and facilitate the annual committee assessment.
  • We worked with a NYSE-listed, pharmaceutical products company to develop a process for conducting their required annual board and committee assessments.  We developed a survey approach to the annual assessment of board and board committees.


  • We served the new CEO of a mid-cap, public company as a confidential, objective sounding board, advising him on a range of governance issues that he faced in his new role, including developing a constructive working relationship with the board.
  • We worked as a confidential advisor with the President of a major non-profit institution to deal with governance issues.


  • We worked with a Fortune 500 company to update its code of ethics and design it to meet the particular challenges of its specialty retailing business.
  • We helped the general counsel of a mid-cap pharmaceutical supply company to draft a code of ethics designed to be responsive to the company’s plans for expansion in Europe.


  • We acted as a confidential sounding board and advisor to the founder of a small-cap, family-owned construction company to determine how to pull back from day-to-day operations, retain control of the company and resolve succession issues.