Helping you to build a better board.

Masters-Rudnick is a corporate governance advisory firm that helps bring out the best in boards.

Every board is different, each of our board assessments or assignments is unique, and both processes and people are vital parts of the mix. We bring no preconceptions about the boards or people with whom we work.

We do start with an in-depth knowledge of the legal issues and best practices which set the limits on what boards can and cannot do. Within those parameters, we use our decades of corporate governance and legal experience to listen, understand, and work with you to develop processes tailored to your needs and culture, that will accomplish and meet your governance objectives and requirements.

    Our philosophy is:
  • Listen, don’t lecture
  • Think outside the box, don’t just check it
  • Make the experience terrific, not intimidating

We use our skills as trained mediators to help create an environment of trust, in which views can be shared confidentially and without concern, issues explored and possible solutions discussed. This approach helps build better dynamics and better boards – boards that are better able to navigate challenges and transition, and meet the highest standards of corporate governance.