Board & Management Alignment

How to build a better board

A group that aligns itself with an agreed set of goals will deliver a better result than a group with disparate agendas and points of view. Knowing what other directors are thinking, and minimizing misunderstandings and disputes  is key to building a better board.

Many times we are called in to serve as a confidential sounding board to listen and provide guidance in handling difficult or tense relationships.   CEOs and board chairs trust and value our experience and judgment to help them work through challenging dynamics.

Other times, a more in-depth approach is required.  In the event that disagreement has already blossomed into dispute, boards – as  bodies of co-equals –  do not have built-in dispute resolution mechanisms and need help in achieving alignment.

Using our skills as trained mediators, we work with boards to develop the processes and techniques that ensure robust discussion and debate, but that also resolve differences and build consensus. We facilitate discussion, helping directors resolve disputes, and develop an action plan to implement their new understandings.  Directors and management emerge from the process with a clear appreciation of their respective roles.

The key is to help boards understand the issues, including those not about the business, that divide them, and then work with them to build collaborative solutions.

Using our dispute resolution strategies, board relationships, as well as relations between the CEO and non-management directors, are strengthened, thus improving collegiality, debate, deliberation, and effective decision making.