Small & Mid-cap company support

Resource limitation

Boards of Small and Mid-caps have the same fiduciary responsibilities and governance standards as their larger counterparts.  Often, however, SMCs have fewer staff and resources when confronted by the unexpected challenges faced by boards everywhere.  The ability to supplement your skill set at short notice is vital and – having  served on all sides of the governance table  as directors, senior corporate officers, corporate secretaries and general counsel – we are positioned to step into the breach  and help the board be prepared for any challenge.

Unknown unknowns

We don’t need to tell you that the business world is full of the unexpected.  For example, scandals, takeover attempts and swift management changes often happen in the blink of an eye and these curve balls often require a board to make quick decisions.  Our deep experience can help the board to be prepared for any crisis and, when it hits, to help the board quickly grab hold of the situation and react promptly.

The process of evolution

A critical point in the lifecycle of any company is a significant change or threat of change of ownership – for example transitioning from privately-held to publicly-listed, being prepared for a knock on the door from private equity or fielding an offer to buy the company. An aligned  board – one in which all members understand the company’s business and strategies – will deliver better results for the company and its shareholders than will a group with disparate understandings and unbalanced skill sets.  Board succession planning must also prepare for the unexpected, with a board whose experience and combined skills can rise to any occasion.

 It’s all about people

The key to effective corporate governance is people – the right balance of skills, mix of personalities and depth of expertise. It is also about human dynamics and building a cohesive group. We understand the demands and challenges placed on directors, and we know that a cohesive board is better equipped to resolve complex issues. We can help you assess your directors, look at board performance, resolve conflict and plan how to take your board to where it needs to be.