Masters and Rudnick co-author World Bank’s latest corporate governance toolkit: Resolving Corporate Governance Disputes

Jon Masters and Alan Rudnick are two of the principal authors of the World Bank Group Global Corporate Governance Forum’s toolkit on resolving corporate governance disputes. Of particular interest to visitors of this site may be the section on Preventing and Managing Boardroom Disputes, pages 28-43 of Volume 2 of the toolkit. The whole toolkit can be found at Toolkit 4: Resolving Corporate Governance Disputes.

The Global Corporate Governance Forum co-founded by the World Bank and the OECD and housed within the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation has published a set of corporate governance toolkits to ensure effective implementation of corporate governance reform at the country level. Building on existing country assessments or diagnostics, these toolkits are intended to provide policy makers, private sector decision makers and/or nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) with a roadmap and implementation mechanisms to help structure step-by-step efforts to improve corporate governance. The toolkits aim to distill international experience and offer mechanisms for adapting these to local circumstances.

The entire set of corporate governance toolkits can be accessed online at the following site:

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